Match the following concepts/observations to the individual associated with the concept/observation by placing the letter in front of the concept/observation in the space beside the individual’s name.

__ George Miller a. Contact Comfort

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__ Karl Lashley b. Fluid/Crystallized intelligence

__ Elizabeth Loftus c. g / g-factor in intelligence

__ Daniel Kahneman d. Engram

__ Wolfgang Kohler e. Self-efficacy

__ Charles Spearman f. STM capacity of 7 +/- 2 items

__ Howard Gardner g. Insight

__ Alfred Binet h. 8 stages of Psychosocial Development

__ Raymond B. Cattell i. Infant attachment styles

__ Noam Chomsky j. Bias in thinking

__ Erik Erikson k. Developed first intelligence test

__ Lev Vygotsky l. Memory is fallible

__ Harry Harlow m. Language Acquisition Device

__ Mary Ainsworth n. Zone of Proximal Development

__ Albert Bandura o. Eight “frames of mind”/intelligences


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