Marriages & Families in the 21st Century

Read Chapters 13 and 14 in Marriages & Families in the 21st Century.


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Marriages & Families in the 21st Century
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Read “The New Age of Aging” by Carstensen from Time (2016).


Text readings must be completed prior to posting. All posts must include citations and references and points are dedcuted when these are missing. Your responses to classmates do not need citations unless you are stating factual information.


  1. Compare and contrast Western attitudes about aging and non-Western attitudes. What can we learn from cultures that are different from our own?



  1. The field of gerontology is a growing one. Find two different gerontological careers and describe the requirements for the job. Discuss the pros and cons of gerontology and whether or not you might be interested in pursuing this as a career.


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