Marketing Strategy

Assessment 2: Marketing Strategy

Product strategy recommendations

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Marketing Strategy
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When marketing the new Chinese bubble milk tea product, Gloria Jeans should adopt a product strategy that leverages the product’s market vision, goals, and initiatives. Product strategy is a roadmap of developing a product to a desirable vision. Therefore, I recommend that Gloria Jeans consider focus and differentiation approaches to product strategy when developing the product strategy for Chinse bubble milk tea. The focus approach will be effective as the Chinese bubble tea will be a product line within the company’s product range; thus, the approach will direct the marketing tactics towards the Asian origin office workers and students. The differentiation approach will direct the company towards differentiating the product basing on product and distribution channels.

Product Vision

From the segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning (STDP) analysis in assessment 1, it is concrete to recommend that the Chinese bubble milk tea product vision should be “to create experience the Chinese feels away from home.” The vision is recommendable since it will direct Gloria Jeans to develop the Chinese bubble milk tea to satisfy the office workers and students of Asian origin who are the target market to the product. The vision presents the Chinese bubble milk tea as a solution to the Australian market gap of China’s traditional tea-drinking habit. The recommended product’s vision concurs with the Gloria Jeans vision that seeks to make every guest feel like they are returning home when they step into the coffee houses.


Product goals

From the STDP analysis, I recommend that the main goal of the Chinese bubble milk tea should be to make the Chinese tea drinking culture adoptable in Australia by both the old and young, increase the product’s demand within two years. The goal will direct the company to a specific target market, particularly individuals of Chinese origin who desire to experience the Chinese tea drinking culture in Australia. The goal also directs the marketing department to a specific consumer that is the young and old between the ages of 35 to 60 years. Another goal of the Chinese bubble milk tea that I recommend should be to create a variety of flavours that attracts more people stimulating the domestic demand and consumption of tea and coffee in Australia within one year. I recommend this goal because it introduces new ideas to the Australian tea and coffee segment by creating various flavours. Moreover, the product’s two goals will increase the company’s competitive advantage in the tea market segment attracting more consumers to the Gloria Jeans chains.

Product initiatives

With the vision and goals in place, I recommend that the Chinese bubble milk tea’s main initiative is to position itself as the next big thing in the Australian tea and coffee market. This initiative will make the company establish a team of experts who understand traditional Chinese tea drinking culture and brewing skills, making different exemplary flavours to attract more customers. More customers means more sales and an increase in revenue for the company.




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