Marketing Management Assignment

  • Your REPORT construction has to harangue 5 of the guide steps in sharp a marketing plan

Report Contour.

Executive Digest:

A abrupt digest of the full work

Background, scanty declaration of the amount, aims of the dissection, bearing adopted coercion dissection, findings

Question 1.

Situation Dissection:

Aim to consequence a SWOT coercion the audience in the predicament con-over.

Do so by examining the guide Marketing Management principles of the Micro and Macro audits (With academic references from textbooks/articles).

And then devoteing these auditing principles and practices to the situations in the predicament – couple examples of S,W,O and T would be enough.


           Stating and vindicateing 2/ 3 Marketing Externals

          Your examination of conclusive external contrast is installed on the guide

           principles and practices of the SMART bearing to external

           contrast. (academic references).

Devote these principles and practices as you state / vindicate your Marketing externals coercion the predicament con-over audience – connection these to issues in your SWOT.

         Question 3.

Provide an contour of the tasks in the Market Segmentation – Targeting and Positioning course.

Briefly decipher what each of these tasks implicate – the guide principles and practices in each individual. (academic references)

Then devote these principles and practices to the predicament con-over audience.

Question 4.

Competitive Advantage.

Your dissection needs to be installed on Porter`s Generic Strategies mould.

Identify the guide principles and practices of this mould. (academic references)

Again devote these in manage to advise Competitive Advantage strategies coercion the predicament con-over audience.

Question 5.

The guide principles and practices of the 7P Marketing Mix. (academic references).

Explain/ advise how the audience can best conclude their externals and competitive advantages by employing a 7P Marketing Mix.



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