Marketing Communications Plan

The company which own by Kareem and Jamal, “New Era” which specialize in sports apparel have started
their marketing operation within one of the GCC countries(select one of the country within the GCC based
on your first assignment) as they are still in initial stages the organization still need to gain more insight
regarding the marketing strategies to be able to compete and operate in right track. As a marketing
executive, you are require, develop a strategy to connect and communicate Kareem product to the target
group in the new market. You are also required to explain which marketing channels will be used and the
integrated marketing communication strategy.
You will conduct background research (secondary research – journal articles, industry magazines,
websites, news reports) into the mention task above to complete the marketing plan.
(95 Marks)
The Plan should include the following sections:
• Executive Summary (Include the Value Proposition)
• Marketing Communications Plan
• Pricing Strategy
• Detailed Action Plan
• Competitive Advantages and Competitor Analysis
• Corporate Social Responsibilities
• Product Position(BCG)

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