Market Offerings


Chapter 1

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Market Offerings
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(1st Individual Assignment)

(20 Marks)


Read the instructions carefully:

  1. You need to use your creative imagination and understanding of the concepts.
  2. You can give real brand names, but I prefer that You are imaging yourself selling your own products or services. Use your imagination.
  3. The BONUS questions are OPTIONAL, but I strongly recommend solving them to improve your grade in this assignment.
  4. Copy-and-paste from the book or internet is NOT permitted.
  5. This is NOT a group assignment. Copying answers from another student will result in ZERO mark for BOTH students and NO second chance will be given. (Note that Blackboard detects plagiarism).
  6. Please do NOT copy the questions, to avoid Blackboard plagiarism detection. Just write your answers on a Words file and upload it to Blackboard Assignments section.
  7. Late submission will NOT be possible. The assignment will automatically disappear at the deadline.


Introduction about your company (The name, history, purpose)

Question 1 – Mandatory

You are a business owner or a company owner, and you offer a “market offerings”. What is that “market offerings?”, illustrate the combination of the market offerings with an example?

Question 2 – Mandatory

You are a business owner, explain how you are going to design a customer value driven marketing strategy, giving details of your product.

Question 3 – Mandatory

You are a business owner, identify the FIVE core marketplace concepts, giving a short details and examples from your OWN products, services.





Bonus Question 1 (OPTIONAL):

According to the previous questions, if you are having your own business PHYSICALLY and you would like to shift to E-MARKETING, explain how you will be applying the digital and social media marketing by illustrating and identifying the major TRENDS and FORCES that changing the marketing landscape with giving examples.




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