Market Failure and Public Goods

1) This week you will need to begin writing your final research paper. A minimum of a title page, an outline or table of contents, a thesis statement your an introduction to the problem, and at least 2-3 citations on your works cited page. Goals for this portion of the paper are to identify the topic, find some resources, and create a draft of your APA formatting and begin the intro to your paper. I recommend that you do not try to complete the Works cited page, you will likely need more references as you get finalize your paper.

2) For the project you are expected to research and write paper 7-10 pages in length and include at least 5 works cited. The paper should have a cover page, be double spaced and your works cited page should be in APA format. (7-10 pages does not include Cover Page, Table of Contents -if you have one, and Works Cited Page.

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Market Failure and Public Goods
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The topic of the paper can be anything we have covered in this class, or another macroeconomic issue that interests you. Some areas where students have written in the past include

  • Hyperinflation (Select a specific country-Argentina, Greece, Chili, etc.
  • Market Failure and Public Goods.
  • Impact of Tariffs- i.e. proposed 20% tax on Mexican goods, or breaking the GATT or other trade agreements.
  • The Impact on National Wealth when Wealthy keep their Money in Foreign Accounts.
  • The use of and impact of Monetary, or Fiscal, policy on the 2008 recession
  • Propose your own topic
  • If you have any questions contact me


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