Managing Money

Which of this orientation class is focused on your future. For example, you have created a technology back-up plan for future use and considered how your schedule will change when you take on new school responsibilities. You’ve learned about what to expect when you are in academic classes, resources that can help you, and how to create SMART goals. In Module 6, you learned about a variety of topics related to paying for your education.

For this discussion assignment, visit and click on “Topics”. (Note: It is not necessary to sign up with iGrad in order to complete this assignment.)  iGrad has an extensive library of videos and articles under three categories:

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Managing Money
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  • Managing Money
  • Paying for School
  • Finding a Career

Explore the various topics under these categories to find videos or articles that are of personal interest to you.

In the Discussion Area below, post a response about at least one video or article that you would recommend to a fellow classmate and why you found it interesting or helpful. Please include the full title of the video or article. You may also include a web address so that your classmates can easily visit it as well.


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