Managerial Analysis of Marketing Analytics Utilization

Provide an in depth managerial analysis of marketing analytics ututilization to increase sales revenue and market share.

Some topics for consideration to be addressed as applicable:

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Managerial Analysis of Marketing Analytics Utilization
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• Marketing data
o How is marketing data generated
o How is marketing prepared for analysis

  • Sales trends
    o Methodologies
    o Examples
  • Demand curves
    o Methodologies
    o Examples
  • Pricing Models
    o Methodologies
    o Examples
  • Customer Segmentations
    o Methodologies
  •  o Examples

    1. Academic databases
    2. Company websites
    3. Internet search
    4. Google Scholar
    5. Employee interviews
    6. LENGTH:
      10 to 15 double spaced pages for the body of the report. You should also have a cover page and a reference list, (these two pages do not count toward the five).
      APA style, with in text citations and a fully documented reference page. Double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point font.


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