Manage innovation and continuous improvement

Complete the following activities:

  1. Develop action plan and report

You are required to develop action plans for implementing the continuous improvement and innovation initiatives agreed to in Assessment Task 2.

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Manage innovation and continuous improvement
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You are also required to develop a plan for each agreed initiative.

Your plans should be developed using a project management tool such as a GANTT chart that sets out all of the actions required to implement the initiatives including timing, responsibilities, required resources, communication and key performance indicators for assessing the introduction of the initiative.





Social media strategy/sustainability

Initiatives Timings Responsibilities Required


Communication KPI

Investing X amount of Money for facbook






4 time a month Marketing manager $1000 per week Via email/in meetings Facebook page visit
Using green suppliers As required Operational manager Cost of price of the products for Ex; Stationary Email Use of green supplies




In a separate document to accompany the action plan, you are required to develop a short report that includes:

Q1] Discuss the importance of continuous improvement and sustainability as an essential element of business and competition.


How does it offer competitive advantage? /how it half strategic planning and goal achievement, fulfil legal requirement/ ethical or legal requirement and goodwill


Q2] Include a risk assessment for each initiative, identifying the possible risks and how they can be managed. Identify two risks for each initiative and at least two risk management strategies for each.

Each topic-social media /Sustainability-3 initiatives each /for each initiative 2 risk and then strategy to overcome that risk

For ex;Green suppliers can be expensive /minimize the use of paper/stationary and use digital paperwork

Q3] Document a cost-benefit analysis for eachx initiative making assumptions in your analysis including assumed cost and benefits.


Create cost benefit analysis;

Cost of facebook campaign-$4000 month /Benefit -$20000=$16000


Q4] Document the impact of the change and the consequences for staff for each initiative


Responsibilities will change the staff

Marketing manager needs to train staff on social media marketing-what is the consequences?-it will be benefit the company

Reduce paperwork and digitally-it is good thing or bad thing write a consequences


Q5] Document a brief contingency plan in the event of failure of the initiative


Initiative Contingency plan
Using Facebook ad campaign After 3 months redistribute the cost to SEO of website and use create video ad for Youtube
Green supplies Minimize the use to 50%for the next 6 months




  1. Send an email to your Manager (your assessor).

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.


It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachment, seek their feedback and approval to move forward with the project.


Attach your action plans and reports to the email.


You will be assessed as to whether your plan and email have been written in clear and concise English and whether your email and plan addresses all of the content as specified in the assessment instructions above.



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