Main Evidence Analysis Models

Main Evidence Analysis Models

Complete the following for this discussion:

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Main Evidence Analysis Models
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· Apply the MEA model to analyze each article.

. Because the Unit 9 assignment requires a comparison in tabular format, you should take the opportunity provided by this discussion to experiment and solicit feedback before submitting your assignment, which is worth 35 percent of your grade.



· As has been the case throughout the course, use APA headings to format your initial discussion post; the APA Module is linked in Resources to help guide your formatting. Use the following list to develop your post and include the information you gather under its corresponding heading:

. Introduction: Tell the reader the purpose of the post and what will be covered.

. Article Deconstruction: Evaluate the assigned readings using MEA (Main points/claims, Evidence (data), and Analysis: Are the claims supported the evidence?)

. Compare and Contrast: Use a table to compare and contrast the article findings.

. Conclusion: Identify the key takeaways from the evolution of business strategy.



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