Magnets and Electromagnets Simulation File this above link has a java simulation to run the experiment – PhET simulation PHY112 Lab Information Just like in PHY111, the successful completion of PHY112 course requires the successful completion of its lab component. It is, however, much more cost prohibitive for the student to purchase lab materials and this is why the PHY112 is designed as a virtual lab, built around several Java simulations. You will need: Apple Java 1.5.0_19 or later Adobe Flash Player 9 or later Keep in mind that the requirements above might make it difficult to run these simulations on tablets/smartphones! You will have to complete 6 lab assignments and upload a lab report for each, show your findings and how they are related to the materials you studied in class. We will start with an introductory lab in which we will discuss how to run these simulations, how to collect your data and how to structure your lab report. All the simulations in this course are free to download from: PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado I strongly encourage you to visit their page and poke around, there is a very large number of such simulations and supporting materials. How to create a lab report and how it will be graded Your lab report should include: Title Introduction: One-two paragraphs explaining what you are trying to accomplish in your experiment. Theory: is there a theoretical model for your experiment? If yes, it goes in here. Data: usually presented in some sort of table Graphs: a picture is worth a thousand words and this is especially true for a physics lab so if you can plot your data and extract something meaningful from such a graph, don’t hesitate to do so! Data analysis: Use your data and graphs to obtain the quantities you’re looking for Results: Discuss your results and how they compare with the tabulated values. Conclusion: what you feel is relevant about the lab you did, this is the only part of the lab you have to do entirely by yourself. Lab Grading Rubric: Your lab reports will count for a maximum of 180 points (30 points for each topic for a total of 20%) of your final grade which will be determined as follows for each of the six lab reports you have to submit: Introduction, desсrіption of the theory – 10 points Clear presentation of data and units – 10 points Data analysis, discussion and conclusion. – 10 points Occasionally, points can be taken off or extra credit given on a case by case basis. For example, if you find that the focal length of a lens is 5km, reporting this obviously wrong result will have a negative impact on your grade despite the fact that you may otherwise have a perfect lab report and there isn’t a “Accuracy” component listed above as one of the grading criteria. Extra credit will also be given for the students who went the extra mile in doing their experiment and preparing the lab report (a thorough theoretical desсrіption of the experiment for example) not to exceed the total number of points for the lab assignments (180p)

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