Magic Bullets Drugs

LPNs See licensed practical nurses. magic bullets Drugs that prevent or cure illness by attacking one specific etiological factor. magnetic healers Nineteenth- century health workers who believed that an invisible magnetic fluid flowed through the body and that illness occurred when that flow was obstructed, unbalanced, inadequate, or excessive. Their treatments consisted of moving their hands along patients’ spinal cords to “free” blocked magnetic fluid. managed care A system that controls health care spending by monitoring closely how health care providers treat patients and where and when patients receive their health care. managed care organizations (MCOs) Health insurance providers such as health maintenance organizations that operate under the principles of managed care. manufacturers of illness Groups such as alcohol and tobacco manufacturers that promote illness- causing behaviors and social conditions. marginal practitioners Occupational groups such as faith healers that have low social status. master status A status viewed by others as so important that it overwhelms all other information about that individual. For example, if we know someone as the local scoutmaster, know he is a Republican and likes to play chess, and then learn he is gay, we might start thinking about him and interacting with him solely on the basis of his sexual orientation, essentially forgetting or ignoring the other information we have about him.

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Magic Bullets Drugs
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