Macroeconomics Final Project

Final project – to be done in teams of 2

Assessment Task:

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Macroeconomics Final Project
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The Macro Economic situation of all countries changed significantly with the Covid pandemic. The aim of this project is to investigate the main Macro economic indicators of your given country before and after 2020.

In your investigation you need to:

· Research and comment on at least 6 of the indicators below.

· Analyse the impact the Covid epidemic had on these indicators.

· Investigate how the country fared during Covid and how the measures placed by the government during the initial period affected the Economic position of the country.

· Investigate and comment on the measure put in place after 2020, and the economic outlook for 2022.

· Your report should demonstrate an integrated understanding of the principles of Macroeconomics throughout.

2 Consumption
3 Disposable income / saving
4 Monetary policies (interest rates)
5 Fiscal policies (taxes)
6 Supply side policies (productivity)
7 Trade (net exports)
8 Unemployment
9 Inflation
10 Government debt (expenditures)
11 Country’s economic position


Your report should be written, representing your research including all the research material and their references (min 2000, max 4000 words). The first section of the report should be a short synopsis about your country and should not be included in the word count.


You have to use in-text referencing to acknowledge the work or ideas of others. The full details of your in-text references must be included in a reference list.


The hand-in date of the report (submission on “turn-it-in”, 20MB) will be on 10 December, at 17:00.


Assessment Criteria: (see assessment sheets)


In assessing the report, the following criteria will be taken into account:


· Interpretation of the task

· Development of a logical and well-organised presentation

· Clarity, style and coherence of the written expression

· Ability to organise relevant material to support your argument

· Knowledge of main Macro Economic topics under discussion.

· Evidence of relevant up–to-date research

· Critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of relevant evidence

· Clear and well supported conclusions


Recommended Reading:

Good grades will depend also on further reading and evidence of good, recent research drawn from a wide selection of sources.



The section on assessments and plagiarism in the Student Handbook will be strictly applied. Words handed in must be your own, you may not copy parts of web pages, or work from other students. Work done by other students and submitted either here or in any other academic institution may not be used as reference material.


Research and language:

You may not use research documents or websites that is not in English. Translated resources are not allowed, and all reference material in the reference list has to be in English. A variety of sources should be used, marks will be deducted for over reliance on a limited number of sources. Wikipedia/Investopedia should not be use.


Grading criteria:



ECO 102 Project Assessment


Names: ______________________


Comments Points

Content relevance



Logical development



Critical analysis



Report structure/ Referencing style



Written presentation



















Content Relevance


Very Good

80> Clear evidence of understanding and innovative thought.

All the material included was relevant to the task. The sections of Macro Economics included are relevant and relates to the country.

Satisfactory 70 – 60 Competent use of written sources.

Some irrelevant or repetitive material.

Needs more work


50< Over-reliance on material paraphrased from books/Web pages.

Too much irrelevant and/ or repetitive material that is not central to the topic.

Over reliance on one or two sources.


Logical development


Very Good

80> Develops a logical argument and organises ideas clearly. The essay structure flows well and sections lead into each well.
Satisfactory 70 – 60 Could be better organised by sequencing some of the material more appropriately.
Needs more work


50< Theme not clear. Lines of argument not clear enough.


Critical Analysis


Very Good

80> Well argued. All main issues explored and evaluated and conclusions reached. Clear evidence of research done, valid material used and own analysis made.
Satisfactory 70 – 60 Most main issues explored. Some analysis and evaluation.
Needs more work


50< Work is descriptive, one sided, work with little analysis or criticism.



Interpretation of task and introduction


Very Good

80> Introduction shows a sound understanding of the task and provides a clear outline of the scope of the essay. The synopsis gives clear and detailed information about the country in a concise manner.
Satisfactory 70 – 60 Introduction is limited and the scope of the task is not fully defined. Outdated or limited country synopsis.
Needs more work


50< Launches straight in with little or no attempt to introduce and define the task.

Task may have been misunderstood.



Very Good

80> Good concluding section drawing together the various important points made.
Satisfactory 70 – 60 Rather brief and formalised conclusion.
Needs more work


50< The writing ends abruptly and/ or rephrases the introduction.




Very Good

80> Correct referencing, using correct formats in all instances. Done alphabetically and clearly delineated.
Satisfactory 70 – 60 Referencing made, not in correct order, confusing and/or incomplete.
Needs more work.


50< More than 2 invalid references found /

Poor referencing/no referencing done.


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