Lumbar Puncture

Learning Objective #1: Describe the pre-, intra-, and post-procedure nursing actions for a lumbar puncture, including any contraindications to the procedure.

Brunner and Suddarth Chapter 66

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Lumbar Puncture
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· altered level of consciousness, pp. 1972-1979

· increased intracranial pressure, pp. 1979-1989

· intracranial surgery 1989-1996


· Figure 66-1, Posturing

· Table 66-1, Assessment of unconscious patient

· Figure 66-6, Neuro flow sheet

· Table 66-2, IICP with interventions

Learning Objective #1: Use the nursing process as a framework for care of the multiple needs of the patient with altered level of consciousness.

a. What are the focused assessments for patients with altered LOC?

b. List the specific nursing interventions common to patients with altered LOC.

c. How do nurses compensate for the patient’s loss of protective reflexes?

d. Discuss dignity and privacy considerations for patients with altered LOC.

e. How can a nurse support the family of a patient with altered LOC?



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