Long versus Short Term Orientation

  1. Watch the following videos:
    1. “10 Minutes with Geert Hofstede on Long versus Short Term Orientation”
    2. “Alexandre Havard on Virtuous Leadership”
    3. “How to Identify a Good Leader – 5 minutes with Prof. Alexandre Havard”
  2. Review the¬†Hofstede on Long versus Short Term Orientation¬†PowerPoint and the chart illustrated in the “Background Information” section above.
  3. Navigate to the discussion below and post a substantive response to the following questions:
    1. Discuss which of the two types of orientation, “long term vs. short term,” is most likely to be adopted by a virtuous leader.
    2. Provide an example of a virtuous organization that uses either of the two (long-term or short-term) orientations.
    3. Share a Bible verse that helps support a virtuous leader and organization.


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