Logical Fallacies

Read chapter 5 in Everything’s an Argument, which describe a number of Logical Fallacies. Choose four of the fallacies and write at least three paragraphs on each. Define what each term means using both the description in the book and your own words. Then give at least two clear examples of that fallacy. You can use some personal examples, but I would prefer that you draw from the business and political world, items from history and current events. This paper is an analysis of how these various fallacies are used in argumentation and despite the fact that they are fallacious, you should describe how they could be effective in persuading people. Please use the MLA format and cite all your sources with a Works Cited page.

Section 1 – Paragraph 1

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Logical Fallacies
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Define and cite the term Logical Fallacies and briefly describe how they are misused in politics and business.

Thesis: This paper will define and give examples for the following five fallacies: Fallacy 1, Fallacy 2, Fallacy 3, Fallacy 4 and Fallacy 5. It will also explain how they are effective yet deceitful.

Section 2 (At least 2 paragraphs)

Bold heading for the fallacy you are about define and discuss. For instance:

Slippery Slope

Paragraph 1 where you DEFINE and CITE what that particular fallacy is and then describe what it means.

Paragraph 2 where you give an example of that particular fallacy from the real world. You describe why that particular fallacy is effective at persuasion yet is dishonest.

You can have more than two paragraphs per section, if necessary.

Sections 3, 4, 5, 6

Use the same format as in Section 2.

Section 7

Concluding paragraph.

Note: Every paragraph will have at least one IN-TEXT CITATION. Please refer to Purdue Owl to make sure that you are up to date on your MLA citing skills. (ORIGINAL WORK NO PLAGIARISM)


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