Logging of Errors and Failure Information

11. Logging of errors and failure information should be designed to protect:

A. Sensitive information

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Logging of Errors and Failure Information
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B. Availability through resilient controls

C. Separation of duties

D. Fail-safe designs

12. Designing a system so all parties can easily understand design objectives and maintaining a simple design embrace the principle of?

A. Single point of failure

B. Least common mechanism

C. Fail safe

D. Open design

13. The use of legacy code improves development efficiency through reduced development time, but still requires:

A. Complete mediation

B. Defense in depth

C. Exception management

D. Complete security testing

14. The security principle of fail safe is related to:

A. Session management

B. Exception management

C. Complete mediation

D. Single point of failure

15. Using the principle of keeping things simple is related to:

A. Defense in depth

B. Complete mediation

C. Economy of mechanism

D. Least privilege


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