Literature Review

You will conduct a literature review, following APA format (most recent published edition), and become familiar with the scholarly debate surrounding your topic, and what scholars and practitioners say about the best way to address the particular need or problem identified through the data analysis.

OBJECTIVE: Reviewing and writing a Review of Literature on your chosen topic for the purpose of completing UWA’s Signature Project Stage 1 assignment.

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Literature Review
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Number of Students Participating (Annually) in a Physical Education Class: Awaiting Data

I have reached out to Foley High School to obtain these statistics. While I was not able to get an answer prior to the deadline of this assignment, I will await this information and insert it into the next assignment as it will be vital in the summation of my research proposal and final project.

As previously discussed following the explanations accompanying the above graphical representations, data suggests that daily moderate to vigorous exercise may improve the proficiency of math, reading and language arts scores in Foley High School. While I am still awaiting data on the ratio of students who substitute a physical education class for a separate elective, I am confident the participation level of students in regular physical education classes compared to those in alternative classes will be significantly lower.

There is a wealth of data supporting the theory that regular physical activity has a significant positive impact on cognitive development as well as other aspects of wellness. The lack of participation of high school students in daily physical education classes can likely be connected to the low proficiency demonstrated in math, reading and language arts for this institution.


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