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1)How do you think Cassie is able to keep her sense of self and pride in who she is throughout all the sufferings that she and her family experience in the story? (  at least 250 words long )

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2) What kinds of discrimination do some children experience in 21st century America?  How can literature help these children to make sense of their pain and move forward?  What can parents, teachers, and other adults do to help them along the way? (  between 100 – 150 words )

3) Question 1

Social protest literature can trace its roots back to the 18th century.

Select one:True or False

Question 2

Many social problem novels take place in an urban setting.

Select one:True or False

Question 3

The social novel applauded the many changes taking place during the Industrial Revolution.

Select one:True or False

Question 4

Charles Dickens was a strong critic of the society of his day.

Select one:True or False

Question 5

“Les Miserables” is a work of literature condemning the poor for their criminality.

Select one:True or False

Question 6

America had important black social protest writers in the 20th century.

Select one:True or False

Question 7

Class is closely examined in social problem novels.

Select one:True or False

Question 8

Oppression only occurs in impoverished societies.

Select one:True or False

Question 9

The privileged are always aware of and fully understand the advantages that their privilege gives them in society.

Select one:True or False

Question 10

Gender oppression refers exclusively to the oppression of women by men.

Select one:True or False


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