Literacy Assessment Toolbox Assignment

Literacy Assessment Toolbox Assignment


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Literacy Assessment Toolbox Assignment
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The purpose of this assignment is to research and create appropriate literacy assessment tools used by elementary and special education teachers to diagnose and measure reading achievement and progress. There are three assessment tools in this assignment, each with a different focus.


Step 1 – Research

For each of the three tools (informal reading inventory, diagnostic reading tools, and progress monitoring tools), select two research-based journal articles from current literacy journals. All articles should be published within the past five years. Research articles should come from literacy journals. No other articles will be accepted. Read each article with a critical lens. You are looking for support for the assessment tool you will create for your classroom.

Step 2 – Create Tools

  • Create an assessment for each of the three assessments. These should relate to your practicum connected to this course.
  • The toolbox assessments should not be your state test such as PALS, DIBELS or other commercially purchases assessment. These should be authentic assessments made by teachers (meaning you the candidate).
  • The toolbox will include three literacy assessment samples (informal reading inventory, diagnostic reading tools, and progress monitoring tools) supported by two current research-based articles indicating its relevance of assessment tools to current literacy practices.
  • The samples should be orginial work and inserted in the Literacy Assessment Toolbox Assignment Template.


Step 3 – Written Report in Template

  • At the top of each section in the Literacy Assessment Toolbox Assignment Template, insert the specific grade level and school information, then fill in each section of the Literacy Assessment Toolbox Assignment Template.
  • Each journal article summary should be 150-200 words in length. The other sections of the template do not have a word count.
  • Use current APA format including a cover page and reference page.


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