Lipton’s List

Lipton’s list provides change leaders with a set of factors to consider when developing and operationalizing their vision for change. Are their actions aligned with the vision? Have they considered the needs of those who will be putting it into practice? If not, Lipton would argue that you are lowering the motivational and directional value the change vision can provide. Conversely, if these elements are present, the power of the change vision is enhanced.

Visions need to paint pictures that challenge the imagination and enrich the soul. Too many vision statements are insipid and dull. Too often they represent generic pap—right-sounding words but ones devoid of real meaning, designed for plaques and outside consumption and not rooted in the heart of the organization. By trying to say everything or appeal to everyone, they say nothing and appeal to no one.88 Table 4.2 contains the Handy-Dandy Vision Crafter, a cynical view of how some organizational vision statements are developed. While many statements may end up containing words similar to those in the model, the Handy-Dandy Vision Crafter ignores the hard work and the difficult creative process and activities that organizations go through to develop a vision statement that they are truly committed to. In many ways, the process of developing a new vision is as important as the vision itself. However, too many vision statements read as if the Vision Crafter had been used to create them.

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Lipton’s List
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