Lightness and Daring of Juanito Apinani

attach art works discussed Formal Analysis in a Museum Setting: Lightness and Daring of Juanito Apinani 750 WORD COUNT / MLA FORMAT/ DOUBLE SPACE Getting Started Find one artwork that grabs your attention and observe the work for a period of time. Sit in front the work and take notes. Notes can be a form of writing or drawing or both. Soak in all the visual aesthetics of the work. Close observation of the work will lead to a better understanding of its composition and intent. The formal analysis essay is based mostly on direct observations and visual analysis. The Paper Begin with an introductory paragraph. Identify the artist, title of the artwork, and date of production.

Introduce the work and the issues that will be analyzed. Enliven the paragraph with a general theme that places the formal analysis into a larger point or argument. The second paragraph or “Body Paragraph I”, describe the work. Set the stage for the formal analysis of the artwork by simply describing the work in terms of its visual elements and its organization. (Think in terms of shapes, forms, color, line, space, composition, repetition, pattern, etc.) The third paragraph or “Body Paragraph II”, analyze and make sense of the matter of fact observations stated from the previous paragraph and how this is literally presented in the work of art. In “Body Paragraph III” explores the artist’s choice of media, process and/or technique in the work. Further explain the work in relation to the artist’s choice of media: the limitations and qualities of the medium. In the “Last Paragraph IV”, conclude not by repeating major points in the essay. Instead take what has been discussed in the essay and use it to suggest the artistic choices with how the fits into a historical/social/political context. Originality If you include any information from the eBook, the museum, the Internet, or other sources, you must use appropriate citations in your paper. You will be checked for originality in your writing.

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Lightness and Daring of Juanito Apinani
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