Library Discussion Post

This week’s discussion will focus on beginning our work on the final project, the SWOT paper. Your task is to focus on identifying specific examples within each category of the SWOT and demonstrating your ability to locate and use research to support some of your examples. You only have to reply to one classmate instead of two (50 words with a reading reference, IF APPLICABLE), but you must reply to Professor McFadden with at least 150 words and proper APA references; see below. This week you will receive feedback from our embedded librarian, Professor McFadden, who will provide you with individual feedback on your post in order to assist you with the research process. Please see Professor McFadden’s note below.
To get started: Review this presentation (Links to an external site) (Links to an external site.) to learn how to perform SWOT Research. Be sure to review this SWOT LibGuide (Links to an external site) (Links to an external site.) if you are interning at a small business/non-public company.

Once you have reviewed the presentation, please post to the discussion board your answers to the following:

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Library Discussion Post
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What is the name of your company?
List three specific examples about your internship company for each category of the SWOT Analysis. (e.g. 3 for Strengths, 3 for Weaknesses, 3 for Opportunities, and 3 for Threats) and explain each in a short paragraph.
Within each category (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) also provide the following:

Provide a brief description for each example. (This will allow you to provide context that will explain why you believe the example is relevant to your company)
Locate and cite in APA format at least one source for each category of the SWOT (4 sources total) that will support one or several of your specific examples. (For example, locate an Industry report and use specific aspects of that report to support your examples in each of the four sections.)
Reminder: Do not forget to reply to a classmate this week with a 50-word minimum reply. In addition, reply to Professor McFadden if you have any questions about her reply to your post. You are also responsible to cite your references. In addition, use Grammarly for grammatical and spelling errors. It is a free download. Do not forget to cite your references in APA style. You will meet the requirements this week by responding to this post and one classmate.


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