Liberal International Order

Scholars like John Ikenberry argue that the United States (US) has played a leading role in the establishment of the liberal international order. Scholars debate the likely future of the liberal order and its prospects for accommodating rising powers, and the extent to which rising powers will agree or disagree with the US regarding global governance. The following countries are among the members of the G20:  Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa. Pick one of those countries, and find a research article using or  Google Scholar on how the country you chose has approached global governance. Indicate where the article you chose can be found and summarize its key claims. Address the question of whether in the foreseeable future the country you chose is likely to generally agree with the US regarding global governance issues, or whether it will tend to disagree with the US regarding those issues. State your thesis clearly. Based on class readings, address relevant competing theoretical perspectives and claims of relevant scholars that would lead one to expect that successful cooperation between the country you chose and the US on global governance is likely or unlikely. When referring to the readings, clearly identify the author and the relevant page number(s).

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Liberal International Order
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