LGBT Discrimination Essay

  1. When did you first realize you were LGBT?
  • Alejandra Cruz realized she was LGBT when she was 18, a senior in High School.
  1. When did you begin to tell others?
  • Alejandra began to tell her friends at age 19 and her family around age 21.
  1. How was your experience when you first came out to your parents and friends?
  • Alejandra experienced anxiety and fear of rejection however, she knew deep inside that those who loved her would accept her.



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LGBT Discrimination Essay
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  1. Do you feel safe?
  • Alejandra states that NOW she feels safe at the age 27. NOW that her family and friends have accepted her and has a partner that loves her, she feels safe.
  1. Did people start treating you differently?
  • At the beginning of her coming out, she did feel differently because many people would question her sexuality.
  1. Should LGBT be taught in schools?
  • Alejandra agrees with LGBT being taught in schools. She states that the best time to educate students is during puberty so that they are aware of the fluidity of sexuality and gender identification.


  1.  Do you get hate crime often?
  • Alejandra till this day has not had hate crime to her knowledge.
  1. What are some challenges you had to overcome since becoming LGBT?
  • She had to recognize that not all people are knowledgeable on LGBT and some of the challenged she faced was to let go of people that did not accept her for who she was. Another challenge she faced was to ignore those who had negative comments and just the simple fact of her coming out to her parents was the biggest challenge so far.
  1. What future improvements would you like to see in the LGBT Community?
  • Alejandra would like to see improvement of the LGBT Community by having schools educate LGBT and have community programs and awareness.
  1. What is the biggest challenge the LGBT Community is currently facing?
  • Alejandra states that the LGBT Community is facing a big challenge by fighting for equal rights.



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