Legislative Paper

Identify a legislative initiative that applies to your selected topic.

  • The legislation can be a bill or law already passed or one that is pending.
  • Research the legislation in the following areas:
  • The legislation’s history: What events initiated the legislative movement? Who would benefit from the legislation? Who was in support of or against the legislation (political party or an advocacy group)?
  • The legislation’s main points: What was the aim of the legislation?
  • Did the legislation, in its stated form, achieve its purpose?
  • What changes in the legislation would better achieve its primary goal? What would you include or exclude in that piece of legislation?


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Legislative Paper
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Write a 500- to 1,000- word paper (two to three pages) that discusses your research. Submit your review to your faculty member through Blackboard. Paper does not have to be in APA format. Legislation must be listed as a Reference



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