Legal Issue

• Minimum 5 pages, maximum 8 pages; double-spaced, typed. Name, course and date in upper right of header on page 1. Title bolded and underlined.
• Be sure to cite all references throughout paper – if there is not a cite after a sentence I will assume it is your opinion or thought or conclusion. Facts taken from sources should be heavily used in paper to support your position.
• Use at least three additional sources (books, news articles, cases, journal articles, websites, etc). WIKIPEDIA is NOT an acceptable secondary source. Use at least ONE book
• Case cites should also be used if appropriate.
• Use effective quoting of sources throughout paper. Use effective paraphrasing of sources throughout paper. This is an exercise in persuasive writing but I do NOT want 5-8 pages of opinion, rather I want facts to support a particular position.
• Paper should be organized with an introduction, background, major points, and conclusion. The introduction should clearly introduce your paper topic and thesis; then the necessary background of the topic, followed by the body of your paper which addresses the major points; finish the paper with a conclusion.
• Utilize appropriate lead-in words to connect ideas from one sentence/paragraph to the next (smooth flow of ideas). Make sure your writing is not disjointed.
• Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Proofread, proofread, and proofread. Nothing is more distracting to a reader than poor grammar and misspelled words.
Option 1: Select a business/company/business-related issue that has been featured in the news recently and analyze using the theories used in business law (legal issues – any breach of contract, any crimes/torts/causes of action, ethical implications, social responsibility/social theories, property, bankruptcy, corporate structure, etc).
Option 2: Given the upcoming Presidential race and Lynn’s hosting of the final Presidential debate, analyze one or both Presidential candidate(s) from a business and/or legal perspective. Some ideas/suggestions….impact or positions on a specific industry like environment, oil, wall street, small businesses, banks, insurance, legal, healthcare etc; whether they are pro-business/supported by business community; influence over or position on the Supreme Court/judicial system; attributes and experience that would help/hurt the economy; position on the deficit; understanding of the global economy and America’s strengths and weaknesses in relation (these are just suggestions, I just want it to be related to business and/or legal community in some way). Hopefully you watched the first debate.To be clear, I do not want your opinion on who you are voting for and why, I want facts to support your premise(s) regarding President Obama and/or Governor Romney.

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Legal Issue
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