Learning to Communicate your Ideas

This week’s reading is about learning to communicate your ideas. As we come close to finishing this course, you are on the brink of starting your capstone. It is important that you can communicate your interests and start to narrow down your desired direction.

For this assignment this week, you are going to brainstorm all the possible topics that might work for your capstone (at least 15). Then pick your top three and then write 100-words or more (for each one, so 300-words total) on why each of these particular topics would be of interest to you. (Note: At this time, you are not locked into this idea.) Ask yourself, is there plenty of research (articles, books, etc.) on this topic? Is this a topic that is relevant to my future goals? Why does this topic interest me?

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Learning to Communicate your Ideas
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This is a CREDIT or NO CREDIT class. You cannot move onto RSH 495B without passing this course. Passing is 73% or higher!

2nd assignment

Write a one-page answer to:

  • What is an annotated bibliography? Include these pieces: The purpose and importance of an annotated bibliography; The difference between an annotated bibliography, an abstract, and references.
  • What are considered credible sources that can be used?
  • What is considered noncredible sources; why?
  • What needs to be included in the 150-word annotation.

Please submit your work in APA format.


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