Learning Outside of Class

Learning Outside of Class

  1. Open document #1 called Reading Self-Assessment. Take the assessment. Think about your results and what they might mean.


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Learning Outside of Class
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  1. Open document #2 called “Reading Strategies to Use for What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. Read the reading strategies that you should use for this passage (and any passage that you might find hard to read).


  1. Open document #3 called Front and Back Cover. This is the front and back cover of the text. Ask yourself: Based on what the front and back cover say,
    1. What can I expect to learn when reading this book?
    2. What questions do I have about this book?

(You do not need to write down your answer to #3.)


  1. Open document #4 called Prologue. Apply the strategies in document #2 as you read the prologue of the text. When you are finished, answer the following questions (a-e below) in a word document, and upload to the assignment link.

(To locate the assignment link, click “My Assignments,” click Unit 3, scroll down just below the Bloom’s Taxonomy Assignment, and below these instructions.)

  1. Who is the watchdog, and how do you know that from this text?
  2. Who is the thief, and how do you know that from this text?
  3. Explain in your own words the message of this text.
  4. As you read, which reading strategies did you use the most and why?
  5. How will you take the reading strategies you used today into your future as you become a more autonomous learner?






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