Learning, Cognition, and/or Motivation

Journal Article Review
Student Learning Outcomes

  At the successful completion of this research paper the student will be able to:
LO1. Describe the research and theory in the psychology of learning.
LO3. Analyze and gain an understanding of historical, biological, psychological, and socio-cultural dimensions of learning and developmental psychology, dimensions that can simultaneously influence human thought, emotion, and behavior.
LO4. Compose writing assignment(s) using Standard American English and basic computer skills.
LO6. Evaluate the quality and conclusions of the research to which they are exposed, which can simultaneously influence human thought, emotion and behavior.

Directions:  Find and critique a research article from a peer-reviewed educational psychology journal. You should choose an article related to the topics of learning, cognition, and/or motivation. The article can focus on one of these topics or on how the three relate. This article will be a source for your Learning, Cognition, and Motivation presentation.
What is a Journal Article Review?
The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how research is conducted and reported in educational psychology. You will read a peer-reviewed article from a scholarly journal in the field of educational/cognitive psychology. Articles of this type will typically report on original research or replications of previously conducted experiments, or they will be literature reviews in which the author(s) present the results of a literature search on a specific topic. In the latter case, the article will usually be a dissertation on the most current thinking on a specific topic. In short, a journal article review summarizes current research or analyzes the validity (strength) of a research study.

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Learning, Cognition, and/or Motivation
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