Lean IT Governance Plans


  1. Read Discussion 1 and Discussion 2 from the attachments
  2. Conduct a critical analysis for both discussions and, in at least 150 words each
  3. Include citations to at least one credible information source in your replies.


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Lean IT Governance Plans
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Discussion 2

IT governance is all about creating structured decisions that will eventually pertain to making smart investments that will assist in raising business. Governance plans also help in identifying risks at an early stage. This not only helps in managing but also in preventing risks. The governance plans serve as a guideline for creating a smooth and effective base for the company. COBIT focuses on what should be included in procedures or processes of the company’s framework and governance plan. COBIT is better than other governance plans as it also focuses on the infrastructure of the company.

Lean IT governance plans are completely different from other governance’s plans. Lean governance not only focuses on investments and risks but rather on the relations in the company. The investments are spent wisely making sure that the organisation focuses on infrastructure, customers and their staff. Lean governance also ensures that organisations’ are focused to carry out their work smoothly. Making people realise that they have responsibilities to fulfil and authority to ensure that the organisation is working smoothly.

Current governance plan includes making guidelines for investments and providing basic resources for the organisation. This type of governance plan helps in smart investing to generate huge profits, also focuses on the infrastructure of the company, ensures a good friendly working environment. The relations of the co-workers also improve in the company. The company employees’ sense of responsibility and the person in authority make sure that every person’s responsibility is fulfilled.  The company must make sure whether the governance plan for working for them, the plan should help maintain a friendly relationship between the management and goal. The governance plan should monitor organization performance and should report facts to the board. The director should recognize that managing risks is the responsibility of the board. Appointing an able leader proves to be an asset of the company.



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