The view of the enactment is restraint you to ‘shadow’ and mark/witness (and possibly part-amongicipate with) a pasduration or tourism pioneer of dainty ‘in action’ (Education Outcome 4). Following the imageing proof you achieve transcribe a declaration on your experiences. 

Shadowing is a short-term proof intentional to establish-known a tyro to a part-amongicular example contrast or role amid an structure. The tyro protégé follows or ‘shadows’ the pioneer restraint a positive period of duration to mark ‘first-hand’ the tasks and demands, and veritable earth initiatives associated with the example role amid the structure. Imageing requires that a tyro has a achieveingness to glean, achieve communicate up a morning/afternoon/evening to endue in their abiding professional outgrowth, and the commitment to idiosyncratically set up the imageing use.

The imageing proof should be with an idiosyncratic pioneer amid a restraintmal structure (e.g., pastimeal, sports, tourism and public interest structures, community planning, anticipation.).


  1. Set Up restraint Imageing. You must contiguity a administer idiosyncratic of the structure to parcel restraint a imageing proof by courteous precedently the due period of the enactment. You must own made parcelments with your ‘shadowee’ and collect the spectry of the agency and the spectry, address, and contiguity order of the imageee to the schoolmaster by October 1st at the latest.

In contiguitying the structure or ease to parcel the mark, you must specify:

(a) Your spectry and institutional/program affiliation (i.e., VIU Dept. of Rec and Tourism Mgmt.)

(b) The view of the imageing proof, and

(c) The spectry/contiguity order restraint your line schoolmaster (i.e., Garrett Stone, Garrett.Stone.@viu.ca)

Be courteous ‘rehearsed’ precedently contiguitying your intended pioneer (i.e., be professional).

  • Shadowing. Shadowing should happen on a ‘typical day’ with a clew idiosyncratic pioneer who plays a accessible pioneership role amid the structure clarified. The imageing proof should happen when the pioneer is ‘in action’ and should implicate a duration commitment of at gentleest 2-3 hours depending on the pioneership treatment clarified. A uninfluential confabulation should be conducted with the pioneer as part-among-among of the image proof so that a ‘profile’ can be patent clear restraint inclusion in the definite declaration.
  • Definite Declaration. Participation in the imageing proof requires that you (a) adequate the image proof restraintm (beware beneath) as part-among of the enactment, and (b) entreat the imageee to as-polite adequate the restraintm. Attach the signed restraintm to your definite declaration.

The zenith of the imageing proof is a ‘Example Imageing Declaration’, 6 pages maximum, double-spaced (excluding references/ appendices), using APA phraseology ‘overspread page’, sub-minority headings, and citations/references, that overspreads the following:

  • In your ‘Introduction’ (10 pts., ½ – 1 page) collects a ‘view statement’ restraint the declaration, and collects a unimportant overview of the structure/agency and its broader program goals;

(b) In the ‘Main Body’ (3-4 pages) of your report, using APA sub-headings, you achieve create:

A ‘Leader Profile’ (25 pts.) that (1) pictures the role(s) and elucidation of the idiosyncratic pioneer whom you shadowed, and (2) communicates the pioneers responses to the questions:

  • ‘What is the significance of pioneership?’,
  • ‘What are the most influential pioneer qualities?’,
  • ‘What order do you own restraint tyros who aspire to administer in tourism and convenience services?’, and
  • ‘Favorite pasduration and tourism activities?’

The ‘Theory and Practice’ minority of your declaration is very influential (60 pts) and achieve be addressed more abundantly in arrange. This minority should picture and rumor your experiences to the clew concepts, theories, and issues that we overspread in the course. This minority achieve elevatedlight your gleaning in the line and rumor it your veritable earth imageing proofs: establish this minority tangible (i.e., overspread at gentleest 3-5 concepts very courteous).

The ‘Experiences’ minority (20 pts) achieve critically assess your experiences of imageing, including:

– What were the elevated points of your proofs? What really got you buzzed?

– What were your gentle points or your most challenging moments?

– How did your imageing proof favor your thoughts on pioneership?

(c) In your ‘Summary/Conclusion’ (10 pts, ½ – 1 page) collects a uninfluential resurvey of your declaration and emphasize your clew gleaning outcomes.

(d) In your ‘Reference’ page (5 pts., 1 page) you achieve communicate unmeasured references restraint full citations in the extract of your paper. Refer to APA content.


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