Law: Research based position paper

The purpose requires that you elaboration a theme in Canadian immoral right that is of profit to you, establish some of the issues, and constitute praiseations restraint amendment or substitute. The theme must be connected to undivided of the three primitive domains of the immoral right order – police, pursues or reformions. Restraint scantling, there has been grave profit in and discourse encircling the controlm in which the police propel extinguished their responsibilities. Themes such as police supply, civilian inadvertence, police practices, nationality-based policing and the authentication of restraintce are profiting and controversial. Ion the pursues there has been discourse encircling the controlm in which judges are appointed in Canada, gregarious interference, specialized pursues (offal pursues, origin fury pursues), advance to right, mandatory restriction decisions and diffcorrection pursue delays. In reformions the schedule of themes encircling which there is profits seems to be objectless! Themes such as programming restraint offenders, nationality versus custodial decisions, compensatory practices and defencelessness engender a doom of discourse unarranged politicians, negotiatives inaugurated in the arena, and the open general. Steps 1. Think encircling a theme that profits you • We praise that you select colossus encircling which you understand very illiberal 2. See what’s adapted in the erudition to aid you understand past encircling the theme (direct elaboration) and to restraintmulate a elaboration interrogation • Go to the library; contemplate online; sources must be negotiative and/or skilled • No resources sources (how to evaluate instruction) 3. Select the theme and expand a elaboration interrogation • Schedule at meanest four sources of instruction (APA) 4. Do the elaboration • Give yourself profusion of term 5. Transcribe the article • Remember to confer-upon twain / multiple points of vision • Revision the requirements connected to erection, restraintmatting, and authentication of sources 6. Confer-upon your praiseation with rationale • Authentication the elaboration to tell and assistance your praiseation We strongly that you binder your theme cherished to undivided that favoring and convergenceed or you may beseem dumbfounded by the aggregate of instruction adapted to you. Remember, your theme must convergence on Canadian immoral right. Next, restraintmulate your elaboration interrogation. Some scantlings are as follows: Policing in Canada • Theme: Policing Styles • Elaboration Interrogation: Is nationality-based policing efficacious in reducing immoral victimization? 1 Canadian Pursues • Theme: Specialized Pursues • Elaboration Interrogation: Do supernatural sanity pursues aid to impoverish recidivism? Reformions in Canada • Theme: Conditional Release / Defencelessness • Elaboration Interrogation: Should defencelessness be replaced with earned release? WRITING SCHOLARLY PAPERS – Instruction Workshop You are strongly encouraged to imply an grave and tellative workshop on Tuesday, September 17 (9:30 – 10:50 AM) in Room 9-215 that achieve cater grave instruction encircling how to elaboration and transcribe an academic/skilled elaboration article. The CORR 104 elaboration article achieve be authenticationd as the scantling in the workshop. Design: You are required to succumb your theme, elaboration interrogation AND a schedule of at meanest 4 academic/skilled or negotiative sources of instruction you achieve be using in the article to your bigot by Wednesday, October 2 (initiation of assort). The sources must be scheduleed in APA restraintmat. A scantling of the design restraintmat is caterd at the object of the purpose patronymic. Referablee: The theme and elaboration design must be common by your bigot antecedently you can set-out the elaboration purpose. Elaboration Based Position Article: The Elaboration article must embrace the aftercited components: 1. An leading and subject assertion. • Transcribe an leading that tells the reader as to the theme, and the erection of the article. Remember that your subject assertion should be the definite decision of the precursory paragraph(s). 2. A perfect and powerful patronymic of the theme • Describe the theme distinctly, powerfully and summaryly. Transcribe the article as if the reader understands trifle encircling the theme and you are using the turn to tell and teach them. 3. A praiseation • What should be dundivided to substitute or better the theme on which you convergenceed? 4. A disposal • Prepare a regardful, summary disposal. Remember – you revisit the initiatory subject assertion and you do referable preface any fantastic instruction in the disposal. The Style Guide is to be authenticationd when match the article. • Length: Restriction of 6 generous pages, ultimatum of 7 generous pages (does NOT embrace distinction page or relation page) • A restriction of 4 and a ultimatum of 6 sources must be authenticationd in the article; primitive Canadian • Word processed, envelop spaced • Headings must be authenticationd as follows • Leading (subject assertion if the definite decision of your leading) • Patronymic 2 • Praiseation • Disposal • Cover page, relation page Extensions must be scrutinizing with the educationist no later than Friday, November 8, 2019. (NB. This is anterior to the droop tear-asunder) MARKING GUIDE – Elaboration Purpose Erection (10 marks) ______ (Article follows required restraintmat, clarity, spelling, rhetoric, decent citations and referencing is in testimony – restriction of 4, ultimatum of 6) • Length (restriction 6, ultimatum 7 pages) • Distinction page – reform restraintmat • Authentication of APA restraint citations and restraintmat (font, margins, parenthetical citations, page bulk, authentication of headings) • Relation page (Restriction 4, ultimatum 6; primarily Canadian; reform APA restraintmatting) • Match conventions (paragraphs, decision erection, rhetoric, Canadian spelling, no specific pronouns) Content (20 marks) _______ (Student has demonstrated testimony of elaboration, feeling the theme powerfully, has demonstrated hazardous thinking and segregation, caters a rationale restraint the praiseation) • Leading and subject assertion • Theme is distinctly confer-uponed and feeling • Testimony of hazardous thinking and segregation • Instruction incorporated smoothly into the match • Logic and reasoning; persuasiveness • Comprehensive 3 REQUIRED PROPOSAL FORMAT CORR 104 CS01 Immoral Right Order Bigot: Michelle Andrews Elaboration Purpose Design James Collins ID. 1234567 October 2, 2019 Theme: Offenders with addictions Elaboration Interrogation: How are offenders with addictions dealt with in Canadian pursues? Elaboration Sources: Reformional Investigator Canada (2015). Annual ment of the Office of the Reformional Investigator 2014-2015. Ottawa, ON: Queen’s Printer. Reformional Service in Canada (2015). Women offenders, gist affront, and behaviour. Retrieved from Goff, C. (2020). Immoral right in Canada (8th ed.). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education. Van Wormer, K. & Davis, D. (2017). Addiction treatment: A strengths perspective (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.


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