Law Enforcement

A comprehensive literature review will be conducted to learn what programs are offered to treat the underlying conditions associated with stress on law enforcement. The review will include a review of qualitative and quantitative studies conducted to measure the scope of the stress related issues facing officers, the physiological and psychological impacts on officers, and the scope of funds required to manage the issues. From an employment perspective, missed days of work, inability to perform job duties, and the costs of treatment for the officers. Nevers researched the economic impact of losing an officer to include human resource costs of conducting interviews, background checks, pre-employment testing, psychological evaluations, preparation time for the athletic challenges associated with recruit training, often salaries for officers sponsored through the basic police academy, and the subsequent costs of conducting training in the field. The Holy Bible in  Matthew 5:5-9 discusses how the peacemakers, should be bless as they are “children of God” ( King James Bible,1769/2021). The caring for God’s children, in this instance his law enforcement, should be a top fiscal priority for police leadership and elected officials.

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Law Enforcement
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