LaTeX And Phyton Source Code – Numerical Simulation

Using LaTeX prepare a PDF report of a numerical simulation of a rocket as described below. If you fail to simulate the trajectory, use the figure below. The report must include:

1. The title page on which is the list of contents.

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LaTeX And Phyton Source Code – Numerical Simulation
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2. Mathematical equations, which should be numbered.

3. Refer to these equations in the text.

4. At least two figures with the description below the picture, refer to these pictures in the text.

5. The report must contain at least 3 chapters and at least one paragraph of text in each chapter. E.x. description of the simulation, presentation of the results.

6. Citations to the literature, which is presented in the last section of the bibliography (E.x.: Conda environment; Tectonic; Overleaf; Latex-tutorial).

Attach LaTeX and python source code and PDF of the document as a result.

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Example of a solution of a rocket launch


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