Language Teacher

With the provided theme and 2 paragraph, write an intro paragraph related to the theme
by extend a discussion relate to the theme and take an alternative perspective, this introparagraph’s content should be as a set up and draw forth what comes in the 2 provided
paragraphs. This paragraph should not be more than 200 words. No reference/citations
are allowed in this paragraph.
What considerations must a language teacher make in a classroom with young learners?
Paragraph 1:
Extension: One crucial factor the instructor must consider is the interplay of students’
class performances in shaping their learning.
I have some experience in teaching English public speaking to primary school students. I
remember that there was one student who was highly motivated and engaged in class. She
was almost always the first to raise her hand with strong eagerness to be called, whenever
a question was posed. The reason for her high participation was partly because of her
sufficient experience in speaking publicly in English, such as participating in study abroad
programs, etc. By contrast, another girl in class was so hard to be motivated and I barely
tried all out to get her to speak out but still ended up in vain mostly. When I investigated
the reasons behind it, it turned out that she was so sensitive to the performance of the
active student mentioned above that each time she wanted to speak out in English, the
first thing she considered was not how to respond to the question but rather how the
active student would think of her response. It may sound a little weird, but it did make
sense in that young learners at such age are usually quite sensitive to the action of their
peers, which may consciously or unconsciously impact their performances in class and the
learning outside of the class.
Paragraph 2:
We also notice that the “socially ingrained ideology of native English” (Marr, 2019, p.65)
occurs in language classrooms for young learners. To help YLs learn “standard English” as
early as possible, hiring NESTs is advertised as an advantage of some institutions or often
requested by parents. However, we think it should be considered carefully. Although YLs
do have a higher potential of achieving “nativelike pronunciation or oral proficiency”
(CMBS, p.553), it’s important to expose YLs to varieties of English so that the NS-centric
norm can be challenged and that students can be prepared for variations of English in
reality. Siya points out that, in ESL contexts, YLs may be misguided and even doubt their
own identities, if NESTs are regarded as the sole criterion of correctness or authenticity.
As they haven’t fully developed their conceptions, YLs, especially young immigrants, can
be more confused about their positions in English-speaking environments than adult
learners, and their concerns can be more challenging to address because of their inability
to express confusions. Therefore, we suggest NNESTs should be highly involved in
teaching YLs and their roles as mentors and inspiring role models, as suggested by CMBS,
can exert nuanced impacts on YLs’ language learning and mental development through
empathy and experience sharing

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