Language Development

  1. According to the ______ perspective, humans are born with the requisite biological equipment and cognitive capabilities to acquire language, but language development is largely dependent on environmental factors.

a. nativist

b. ethological

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Language Development
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c. interactionist

d. cognitive

2. Literacy instruction based on the constituent sounds of a language (i.e., phonemes) is the most effective approach as it allows readers to decode (i.e., sound-out) and comprehend new/novel words.

a. True

b. False

3. Improvements/advancements in which of the following areas explain the dramatic increase in human life expectancy since 1900?

a. Research, Education, and Public policy

b. Activism, Awareness, and Political participation

c. Medicine, Sanitation, and Nutrition

d. Cognitive engagement, Physical fitness, and a Balanced lifestyle


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