Lament of David

1. In Psalm 109, another Lament of David, he talks about his desperate situation by saying in verse 23 “I fade away like ____________________. I have been shaken off like a grasshopper.”

A. A lengthening shadow

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Lament of David
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B. A faint echo

C. A setting sun

D. The morning mist

1. The Lament is another Psalm type. The usually have an address (to whom is the prayer given?), an expression of trust, the narration of a problem, the explicit request for help, and then some concluding words of trust as the poet waits for God to act. In Psalm 3, what is the Psalmist’s problem?

A. He is mourning the loss of a loved one

B. He is being attacked by enemies

C. He is sick and dying

D. He has lost his wealth

1. Did you know that the Psalms are like a hymn book? Choose any Psalm and connect for us what type/genre of song you think the Psalm would have reflected in todays culture (rock, country, hip hop, r&b, etc) and expand on why you chose this genre to be the Psalms connection.



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