Laissez-Faire Leadership

Laissez-faire leadership (or delegative or free-reign leadership)minimizes the leader’s

involvement in decision making. Employees are allowed to make decisions, but the leader still

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Laissez-Faire Leadership
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has responsibility for the decisions that are made. The leader’s role is that of a contact person

who provides helpful guidance to accomplish objectives. [20] This style works best when

employees are self-motivated and competent in making their own decisions, and there is no

need for central coordination; it presumes full trust and confidence in the people below the

leader in the hierarchy. [21]However, this is not the style to use if the leader wants to blame

others when things go wrong. [22] This style can be problematic because people may tend not to

be coherent in their work and not inclined to put in the energy they did when having more

visible and active leadership. [23]



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