Lab report

The instructions are as follows: Lab report: 1. Choose chocolate to be reported. 2. After the test, you will be informed about the identity of the samples. Make sure you include a full description (including ingredients) of the test samples in your lab report. 3. Pool the class data and analyse pooled data using the frequency counts (data will be posted in LEARN). 4. In the INTRODUCTION, make sure you include: (1) product differentiation in the food industry, (2) usefulness/application of generating attributes for these products. 2. 5. In the DISCUSSION, make sure you: (1) compare the similarities and differences of the attributes among the evaluated products (chocolate or juice), and (2) compare your findings with relevant previous studies. plagiarism free is a must. I’m sending you all the instructions through the attached files. use 10 per-reviewed research articles as references. please go through the presentation carefully. I’m sending you an example for word counts of introduction(300), objective(40),materials and methods(300), results(150),discussion(150), conclusions(60) and references (max 10 papers) and example for a report also. APA 6th is the reference style

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Lab report
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