Key Relationship

A. Discuss the key relationship you selected and present your reasoning for this choice. Specifically, how is this case ripe for applying

communication theories, concepts, and strategies to make more informed decisions? For example, a particular concept may have prompted you to select the relationship you have with your mother-in-law who lives across the country. In that case, a better understanding of that relationship is important to you for more informed family decision making.

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Key Relationship
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B. What relevant concepts or theories from the course inform your understanding of this relationship? Consider at least two major concepts. Compare and contrast these concepts or theories in addressing what they have taught you about effective and ineffective communication practices in this relationship. Support your response with course readings and appropriate research.

C. Evaluate your use of communication technology in this relationship. What makes the usage of this technology successful or unsuccessful? Support your response with examples. This is where you might discuss instances of positive interactions and miscommunications and the results and consequences of those interactions.

D. To what extent does the use of communication technologies in this relationship make information exchange complex? Justify your response with examples and draw connections to appropriate concepts or theories from the course.


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