Key Principles in Developing an Inclusive Approach in Schools

To develop inclusion within a school, a school must follow well-tested and planned procedures based on the principles that support the school system’s structure. Ekins and Grimes explained that the development of a comprehensive school should focus solely on expanding and maintaining the curriculum while considering the part played by the diversity of stakeholders, staff, students, parents, and all learners in the community.


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Key Principles in Developing an Inclusive Approach in Schools
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Development of Inclusive School Culture

The experience of Ekins and Grimes in collaboration with schools is that there is a large gap between inclusive policies in schools and basic practices in the classroom and around the school. For this reason, inclusion must relate to the development of inclusive strategies and the development of inclusive culture. Policies, procedures, and school culture are inseparable from the school community. Therefore, inevitably, school leaders need to be vigilant about policies and their implementation in the education and learning process.


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