Key Performance Indicators Assignment



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Key Performance Indicators Assignment
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There are a wide variety of tools used by management in support of their roles within operations. Each of these tools has been developed to help guide managers in their roles of planning, controlling, and deciding. Some of these tools are strategic, while others are more performance based. One of the most commonly implemented is known as key performance indicators [KPIs]. KPIs form the basis of the Balanced Scorecard, which is covered in Chapter 11 of your text. The use of KPIs entails identification of specific measurable operating statistics that can be used to track the achievement of goals and business success. Several articles on KPIs are available in the technical resources section of the project module on Canvas.

Your task

KPIs are as useful for governments and nonprofits as they are for traditional business entities. Your task is to develop a set of KPIs that college management can use to measure the performance of the school and assist in decision-making.

As is noted in the articles on Canvas, developing these KPIs requires accounting for the mission of the college. You will find this online at:

You can find a substantial amount of information about the college within the pages available at: . You will need to explore those pages as you brainstorm KPIs appropriate for measuring the college’s performance. Understanding the goals and demographics of the institution is crucial to developing quality KPI metrics.


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