Kentucky vs. Tennessee Comparison Essay

Your paper is based on research and comparison of two separate states’ governance structures for higher education (e.g., Kentucky vs. Tennessee). You may choose any two states within the USA. Your paper should follow APA 7th Edition professional style guidelines. (4-6 pages, excluding title and reference pages)

  • Title Page
  • Chapter I.¬† Introduction
  • This is where you present a purpose, roadmap and overview of your select topic, along with a short summary of the results of you topic
  • Chapter II. Literature Review
  • This where you will summarize the information and data from your references
  • Chapter III. Analysis
  • This is where you provide your own analysis of your topic anchored in fact and reason
  • Chapter IV. Summary
  • Summarize the meaning of your analysis
  • Reference Page¬†

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Kentucky vs. Tennessee Comparison Essay
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