K-Pop Idol Fan Club Culture

Reply 1997′ is a drama that details the first-generation K-pop idol fan club culture. The scene you watched during today’s lecture shows how popular HOT and Sechs Kies were, and how active the idol fan club was. K-pop’s fan culture is famous for being much more passionate and cohesive than the fans of singers from other countries. Koreans have had this culture since 1992 when Seo Taiji and Boys debuted, so they are familiar with the current fan culture, but they are amazed that the Korean Wave has spread this culture to overseas fans.


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K-Pop Idol Fan Club Culture
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– How much did you know about this fan culture?

– What did you think when you saw the idol fan club culture through today’s lecture?

– Now, the history of fan culture in Korea is about 28 years old, and what do you think about this now affecting overseas fans?

In the Western market, singers perform music activities centered on concerts and other performances while TV appearances are an incidental area, but one of the features of K-pop Industries’ system in Korea is that TV appearances are very important for Korean singers. K-pop singers are required to appear on music shows, and there are many other types of reality programs and a variety of entertainment programs, which have a great impact on their popularity and recognition. You learned about the TV activities of second-generation K-pop singers in today’s lecture.

– What do you think about the characteristics of this K-pop culture, and if you know a TV program you’ve watched personally, please explain it.

– If you’ve never seen a program like this personally, discuss your opinion on Big Bang’s appearance on the show in the lecture you watched today.


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