Jurisdictions on reduction of recidivism

Although recidivism is considered as the rate of re-arrest of offenders after release from prison, using recidivism as a measure of success goes beyond the re-arrestment to the incorporation of other factors. In the report from the U.S Bureau of Justice, recidivism in 1983, 1994 and 2005 was measured on the same standard. In the three years, the recidivism was measure by re-arrest, conviction, re-imprisonment and return to prison.  The disparity in the analysis of recidivism as a measure of performance of prison programs is based on the different definitions of recidivism. According to the data on recidivism released in 2005 by the U.S Sentencing Commission, out of the 25,400 inmates released or set on probation in 2005, 49.3% were re-arrested within eight years, for violating their probation, similar offenses or…….

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Jurisdictions on reduction of recidivism
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