Jones Electrical Distribution

Jones Electrical Distribution

The objective of the Case Debriefings is to revisit the cases in light of the class discussions and demonstrate your comprehension of salient issues, frameworks used for analysis, and the implications of the courses of action considered during the case discussions.
For each case, you should briefly describe the context and the problem, analytical tools used to address the problem, and critical lessons learned. In your reflection essay, you are not expected to replicate the solution. Your discussion should focus on synthesis; you should emphasize what you learned and its practical value.
You should use the following outline to structure your debriefing and make sure that you address the issues outlined above. You can use graphics, tables, and charts to make your point.

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Jones Electrical Distribution
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Case Context
Problem/Analytical Issues
Tools used
Critical lessons learned
Concluding Remarks

Your debriefing should be authentic and not exceed 2 pages excluding charts and tables (12 pt characters) . You should think carefully and write effectively communicating the most critical takeaways from the case discussion.  Please submit your work in MS Word doc or docx format.

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