John Deer

Case Study Analysis of John Deer and Complex Parts, Inc.
We recommend that you submit Assignment 1 after you complete
Lesson 4. It is worth 10% of your final mark in the course.
Read the case study, John Deere and Complex Parts, Inc., and then
prepare and submit a case analysis. You do not have to address the
discussion questions posed in the case specifically; however, you may
find they are helpful in guiding your analysis. Read Preparing a Case
Study for more information on preparing your case analysis. As well,
read the sample case study questions and solutions in Lesson 4 for
further help.
Prepare your assignment in a format that is compatible with Microsoft
Office. Your paper should be single-spaced, and approximately 5-6
pages in length (excluding graphics, title page, and references). The
marking guide for this assignment is as follows:
Case Study Component Weight
Writing (spelling, grammar, organization, and report
Executive summary 10
Issue statement 10
Analysis 20
Alternative identification 20
Recommendation 20
Action plan and conclusion 10
All of your course work must be submitted before 12:00 midnight
(Mountain Time) on the final day of your course contract.

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