Job Evaluation

  1. Select a position in your organization for which you have access to its compensation. – This will be the head receptionist job.
  2. Identify which kind of job evaluation is used for that position. – Be able to deal with clients, answer phones, file, do computer work.
  3. Classify each component of the compensation in direct financial compensation, indirect financial compensation, and non-financial compensation (if any). – We get a bonus IF we meet our monthly goal of the money we take in.
  4. Illustrate how you would modify and design an effective compensation and incentive plan for that specific position.

Many companies that go public with an IPO do not actually need additional cash to continue growing their operations. Why might such a firm decide to go public?

What are the factors that a company should consider before “going public”? Discuss the risks involved in the process of going public. How do companies overcome these risks?

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Job Evaluation
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